Wanted: Sign Language Interpreters


1. Looking for sign language interpreters
DPP is looking out for sign language interpreters to interpret for rallies and other political or election-related events. In view of the upcoming General Elections and related campaigning activities, the DPP fully supports Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) wishes to highlight the importance of providing equal access to the electoral process to the Deaf community. This would enable persons who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing to make an informed choice when casting their votes. If anyone has sign language interpretation abilities, please sign up as a volunteer at www.dpp.sg/volunteer (all sign language interpreter volunteers are regarded as having neutrality in terms of political affiliation.)

2. Reserved area at election rally venues
A reserved area will also be arranged at election rally venues for persons with disabilities. This would allow wheelchair users to have a better view of the activities on stage and not be blocked by others, as well as enable them to manoeuvre their wheelchairs or other mobility vehicles when getting in and out of the rally venue. The reserved area will also help persons who are deaf or hard of hearing to have a clear view of the sign language interpreter on stage, if any.