We believe in a collaborative, collective government that brings talent from different political parties into Parliament in constructive cooperation for the good of Singapore.

We believe in elected MPs who listen to their people, and bring their concerns and voices into Parliament, to be heard by government.

We believe people want equal opportunities, fair employment, sustainable jobs, living wages, reduced cost-of-living, affordable healthcare, reliable public transport, assistance in business, control over their CPF monies, and a worry-free retirement.

We believe people want an economy with affordable costs, built on strong, healthy, growing local businesses, owned and run by Singaporeans, and not be squeezed out of the market by GLCs and MNCs.

We believe people want a clean and protected environment, conducive surroundings to raise a family, assisted living for the young, old and handicapped, and responsive Town Councils.

We believe people want local representatives in their NCs, RCs and CCCs, to be apolitical, bottom-up, selfless, concerned for the community, and provide real feedback to the Town Councils and Government.

We believe people want a de-politicised Town Council, with equal access to Government grants and support, equal priority for infrastructural upgrading, and no political bias.

We believe people want to be respected, heard, listened to, and represented, by humble, down-to-earth, emphatic, sincere and real MPs, who are committed to be true representatives of the people in Parliament.

We, the SPP-DPP joint team for Bishan Toa Payoh, hear you, and we will speak for you, in your community, in Parliament, and in Government.

Vote us in.