DPP introduces another potential candidate Nadine Yap

DPP has introduced another potential candidate to the media and public this morning.
Ms Nadine Yap is an Chinese-Eurasian and a Business Operations, Marketing and Product Development professional with 15 years’ experience in the digital media industry.
She was a former senior executive in Amazon and Yahoo, before she became Vice-President of Product at Viki. She is now Vice President of Temasys.
She is one of DPP’s potential candidates for the joint DPP-SPP team for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC at the the coming General Elections.

DPP introduces potential candidate Chia Ser Lin

DPP has introduced a potential to the media at its walkabout at Bishan Junction 8.

Mr Chia Ser Lin is a China-based executive and is a former schoolmate of Benjamin Pwee at Raffles Institution. Mr Chia was a General Manager in OSIM (China). He now runs a chain of F&B companies in China.

He is one of DPP’s potential candidates for the joint DPP-SPP team for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC at the the coming General Elections.


DPP conducts first joint walkabout in Bishan-Toa Payoh

On 11 August 2015, the Democratic Progressive Party conducted its first joint walkabout with the Singapore People’s Party near Bishan MRT station. DPP Chairman Mr Benjamin Pwee handed out pamphlets and explained the party’s position to passers-by, along with members of the DPP and SPP.

The DPP has been holding walkabouts in the Bishan-Toa Payoh Group Representative Constituency since 2012. Mr Pwee visits the area monthly, while party member Mr Mohamad Hamim Alias makes weekly trips to the area. Mr Hamim says the residents are “very pleased” to see the DPP make its rounds. One resident even said, “Go, DPP, Go!”

The DPP will be contesting Bishan-Toa Payoh under the SPP banner. Explaining the situation, Mr Pwee said, “It is too late to register an alliance now, as it takes two months. Mrs Chiam graciously offered to let us run under the SPP. The SPP brand is well-known in Bishan-Toa Payoh, so we’re very happy to accept.”

IMG_338-midThe DPP and SPP will put together a joint manifesto for Bishan-Toa Payoh, to be released at a later date. Mr Pwee also said local residents care a lot about municipal issues, such as clogged storm drains and dengue hot spots, as well as more pressing concerns like employment and cost of living.

Mr Pwee said both parties will first draw a slate of candidates to contest in the GRC separately, and then they will make the final selection from the combined pool.  Stressing that the DPP and SPP are working as equal partners, he said the Bishan-Toa Payoh team will be decided by three factors: how well the candidates work together, their understanding of ground issues, and their credibility in Parliament.

IMG_3229-midThe DPP has selected candidates, and is now waiting for the SPP. Regardless, Mr Pwee said that he is “not afraid” of the team that the People’s Action Party will field, as the DPP is interested in fielding the best candidates.

As for the SPP, party member Ravi Philemon said the party’s choice of candidates is up to the party leadership, and the timing to release the names of its candidates will be based on strategy. “It is like a game of chess,” he said.

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Statement of clarification

The DPP wishes to clarify that CNA erroneously reported us saying that DPP and SPP will be going into an Alliance to extend beyond Bishan Toa Payoh to Potong Pasir and Hong Kar North.

There is no SPP-DPP Alliance being proposed for Hong Kar North or Potong Pasir.

We at the DPP have clearly said since last Monday, that the DPP is happy to strongly support Mrs Chiam’s bid for Potong pasir, and the sending of the best candidate for Hong Kar Noth.

We are also excited about partnering with SPP to win Bishan Toa Payoh at the coming GE.

Democratic Progressive Party,

DPP-SPP get-together

Ben Pwee and NCMP Lina Chiam met this afternoon, together with CEC members and potential candidates from both DPP and SPP, for a reunion get-together session. 20 people were present in total.

The atmosphere was very friendly, and there was lots of chatter and laughter. Both sides got to know each other’s candidates better, and shared about issues common to both parties.

DPP and SPP will be holding a joint team walkabout tomorrow at 7.30pm at Bishan MRT station.


DPP’s National Day Message 2015

Dear fellow Singaporeans,

Congratulations and best wishes to all Singaporeans on this 50th National Day. It is indeed a time to give thanks for what we have achieved over the past 50 years to-date. And it is a day that we can stand proud as an independent nation and an independent people in today’s globalized world.

We have been celebrating SG50 since the start of this year, and we have heard countless times the achievements we have attained, and how far we have come from our past.

Singapore – the achievement of every one

I would like to thank each and every one of your forefathers, who played a part in building Singapore to what it is today. Singapore is not the achievement of one man, or a band of men. It is the achievement of every Singaporean man and woman who have lived through the tumultuous years of the 1960s, till today. Singapore therefore is a shared achievement of each and every Singaporean. We should all stand proud this 50th National Day.

Today’s challenges

However, our forefathers have passed away, our first-and-second-generation political leaders are fast retiring. And the challenges that we face today as Singapore, are far more complex than before. SG50 is a time for rejoicing, but it is also a time for awakening.

The international economy is challenging. China is slowing down. India is rising. Next-door countries like Indonesia and Philippines are taking off. Domestic issues are spilling over to other countries. The Rohinga refugees and ISIS militants are at our doorsteps. International monetary flows are cross-border tax regimes are getting tighter. And we in Singapore are being fast drawn into the storm.

Immigrants and overcrowding in Singapore, the rising gap between the rich and the poor, fast but poor quality construction around us, hospital bed crunch and public transport disruptions, all these are very real, but they are also symptoms of much larger regional and global forces at play, and we are being hit no differently from every other key globalized city in the world.

So as we celebrate and rejoice in how far we have come over the past 50 years, let us also wake up and take a good hard look at how we are going to weather the storm and continue to survive and succeed in the coming 50 years.

Your contribution to Singapore

At this 50th National Day, I would like to strongly urge all Singaporeans to step forward and contribute strongly to Singapore’s next 50 years in three key ways:

· Give of yourself and what you have to fellow Singaporeans around you in need. Build our community from ground-up, starting with yourself
· Lift up your heads and see our shared challenges, and lets pull together and find solutions, not break apart by throwing stones
· Step into community, social and political leadership, at the grassroots or nationally. Our country urgently need a new generation of community and political leaders, whatever the colour

So stand up for Singapore – not just for the national anthem, or the parade, but for the interest and well-being of your family, your future. And don’t just stand up, step forth. Singapore needs you. To be interested. To be involved. To participate. To Lead.

This is OUR Singapore. This is YOUR Singapore. Lets together create the next 50 years for ourselves and our families. Majulah Singapura!

Ben Pwee

Democratic Progressive Party